Menu for Friars on Saturday 19th of Aug 2017.
  • Carrot & Coriander Soup €2.75
  • Bacon & Cabbage €8.25
  • Kidney Bean & S.Pot Curry €6.00
  • Beef Goulash €6.95
  • Sausages,Chips, Curry €5.00
  • R. Veg. 3 Cheese Quiche €3.50
  • Turkey & S. Cheese Quiche €3.50
Menu for Friars on Saturday 19th of Aug 2017.
  • Carrot & Coriander Soup €3.00
  • Roast Turkey €6.95
  • Kidney Bean &S.Pot Curry €6.00
  • Chic & S.Onion Quiche €3.50




As the name suggests, we want to thank you by introducing our new loyalty scheme.

Not only will you be able to earn and spend points, but also it will give you the opportunity to avail of special offers when frequently we will be giving out bonus points on different days. This is a great way to clock up points for you to spend as you wish in Friars, Zinc (Engineering) or Deri cafe in Dangan.

How to apply for your Buíochas card

Call in to any of our units where you can pick up a card which can be used immediately. Fill out a simple form and we will register you on our database.

Keep a close eye on our website and check your emails where we will be contacting you!

No Cash, No problem!

The card can be preloaded with points on a weekly, monthly or annual basis. Currently this can be done by dropping in to any unit and prepaying an amount of your choice ( cash or debit/credit card). We will put the relevant points on your card which will be deducted accordingly during each transaction. This is particularly great for parents who wish to preload students' cards thereby ensuring their money is used for food only!

Here's the deal:


5 points for every €1 spent


1 point = 1 cent

Terms & Conditions

1.These rules (including our Policy on
Privacy and Data Protection) govern the collection and use of points and set
out the terms of the contract between Friars, Zinc & Deri cafe (“us/we")
and each participant in the Scheme. A participant can register with the Buíochas Loyalty Card Scheme (“the Scheme”) by applying for a Buíochas Loyalty Card (“the
Card/s”) and can then earn points on various purchases at participating Friars, Zinc & Deri cafe .

If you apply to register with the Scheme or use a Card you accept
these rules. We may refuse an application for any good reason.

2. Cards remain the property of Cafe Togo but it's yours to use and enjoy.

3. Cards may soley be used in cafe Togo's 3 Galway outlets, Friars, Zinc & Deri Cafe

4. To earn or redeem points, a
participant must present the Card to their server before or at the same time as
presenting payment for your transaction. You will not be able to obtain or
redeem points by giving the Card to your server after the end of the

5. Points will be awarded as follows:

5 points per €1

Points can be redeemed at the rate of 1point = 1cent (100 points = €1)

We may alter the method and rate at which points are awarded at our discretion.

7. A participant may redeem some or all
of their points for goods or services provided by us or for a contribution
towards the price of goods or services provided by us once their application
form details have been recorded by us. A participant may also redeem some or
all of their points for rewards which may be offered by us from time to time.
All awards are subject to availability

8.  A participant may not redeem points for cash

11. In the event of the failure of any
equipment used to operate the Scheme, we may refuse to redeem or award points
on any transaction. We shall not be responsible for any failure in the
equipment used to operate the Scheme.

14. The conditions of use stated on the reverse of
the Card form part of the terms and conditions although in the event of any
conflict the terms and conditions contained in this agreement shall prevail.

15.  A participant may apply for a new Card if it is lost or stolen. The points
balance at the time the Card was lost or stolen will (at our sole discretion)
be transferred to the new Card. A new card will incur a nominal fee to cover card costs.

17.       We may amend or terminate the Scheme
or amend any of these terms and conditions (including the value of points), at
any time by giving notice:

(i)  In any of our units

(ii) on our website; or

(iii) by sending an email
to participants who have chosen to receive further communication from us.

We will use our reasonable endeavours to notify participants one month
before termination or amendment (although we have no obligation to do so) by
one of the above methods. Earning or redeeming points will constitute
acceptance of the new terms and conditions.

Points have no expiry date but are lost if the relevant Card is withdrawn for
any reason or the Scheme ends.

21.       We may, at our sole discretion,
refuse to issue a Card and may withdraw a Card from a participant at any time.
We may, at our sole discretion remove any or all participants from the Scheme
at any time.



Our Policy on Privacy and Data Protection

Confidentiality: We ensure that all data given will be held in
compliance with all data protection laws.

Participant's details: Participants’ details and information about transactions undertaken
will be used byus for purposes of research/statistical
purposes and for the purpose of running the Scheme. They may also be used by us
or selected third parties to inform you of products, offers and services which
are relevant to you, unless otherwise instructed.

NUI Galway