Menu for Friars on Wednesday 26th of Jul 2017.
  • Carrot & Coriander Soup €2.75
  • Bacon & Cabbage €8.25
  • Kidney Bean & S.Pot Curry €6.00
  • Beef Goulash €6.95
  • Sausages,Chips, Curry €5.00
  • R. Veg. 3 Cheese Quiche €3.50
  • Turkey & S. Cheese Quiche €3.50
Menu for Friars on Wednesday 26th of Jul 2017.
  • Carrot & Coriander Soup €3.00
  • Roast Turkey €6.95
  • Kidney Bean &S.Pot Curry €6.00
  • Chic & S.Onion Quiche €3.50

Being a Healthy Student

Friars Tips to Healthy Living in College

You SEE its quite simple



Get enough sleep.

When it comes to balancing busy schedules, students tend to put sleep low on their list of priorities. Don't do this. Some people can function on three or four hours of sleep per night, but most people cannot. Without sleep, you're not going to be able to concentrate well enough to get the most out of your classes. If you can't always get a good night sleep, work regular naps into your schedule.

Sleep on a regular schedule.

This can be hard for a college student. You may find yourself getting up early three days a week for your morning class and sleeping in until noon on the weekends. As much as possible, though, try to stick to a regular sleeping pattern. Also, try to go to sleep relatively early.


Make Time for Meals
Eating 3 meals per day plus snacks will give you energy that will last all day and keep your metabolism active. Pack healthy portable snacks such as fruit or a granola bar when you're on the go.

Balance Your Meals
Eating healthy meals that contain foods from at least 3 different food groups will help to ensure that you get all the nutrition you need to stay healthy. Be sure to eat different combinations of grains, fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy, and healthy fats throughout the day.

Don't forget Dairy
Your bones still need calcium to stay strong. Dairy foods and alternatives such as soymilk provide protein and vitamin D, as well as calcium.

Stay Hydrated
Proper hydration is important for healthy skin and organs. Drink water even if you are not thirsty. Waiting until you are thirsty to have fluids means you are already partially dehydrated. Pack a bottle of water in your backpack or gym bag.


Walk or Bike to Class
Be active on the way to class instead of taking the bus or car, it will save time in the long run as we all know how much time traffic takes or how long it takes to find parking spaces in NUI Galway.

Join a Society
With over 85 socities in NUI Galway you have an abundance of activities to choose from. As part of a society you can learn new skills, explore your interests, create a community of friends with similar interests and goals and of course have great fun.

Go for a Walk with Friends
Stay fit and catch up with friends at the same time. Instead of taking a shortcut back to your dorm, take the scenic route and get in a little extra exercise.

Take a Fitness Class
This is a good way to include fitness into your routine. Consider weight lifting or dancing.

Check out the College Gym
Most colleges have gyms or fitness centers that offer free or reduced price memberships. They may also offer classes such as yoga, cardio, kickboxing, and dancing.

'Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration'.............Thomas Edison

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