Menu for Friars on Saturday 19th of Aug 2017.
  • Carrot & Orange Soup €2.75
  • Mexican Beef €6.95
  • Sweet Potato Curry €6.00
  • Steak Ciabatta & Drink €7.00
  • Chic.Baquette, Drink €7.00
  • Panini, wedges, Drink €7.00
Menu for Friars on Saturday 19th of Aug 2017.
  • Carrot & Coriander Soup €3.00
  • Roast Turkey €6.95
  • Kidney Bean &S.Pot Curry €6.00
  • Chic & S.Onion Quiche €3.50

Eat Smart

Our food speaks for itself, but we would just like to point out a few things.

Our menus are prepared daily from scratch, but that's the very least you should expect...more to the point, we use only the freshest of local (where possible) ingredients and never include preservatives in the form of packets or powders.

Our menu rotates continuously and evolves to reflect seasonality. Some dishes, to be honest, are more regular than others due to customer demand! We don't mind that either and actually like the fact that so many of our customers will tell us exactly what they want as we trust that they are probably speaking for the majority.

We endeavour to provide variety and choice to suit all tastes and this year, thanks to our new Head Chef, Ronan, we have introduced a new 'lite bite' section which we are very proud of as it is something unique to us which you simply will not find anywhere else in the University, or Galway for that matter! Nothing here comes out of a freezer or a packet either as Ronan has these recipes patented and are made only in Friars every morning.

Check it out for yourself, but Salmon Roulades, Frittatas, Tartlets & Nutloafs to name but a few are perfect when you don't want a full hot meal but would like a bit more than a sandwich...speaking of which, our new Deli bar can provide you with mouthwatering speciality sandwiches and paninis or just something plain, simple & fresh!

Our bakery section has seen a huge overhall with the same popular products being made and packaged more attractively so to preserve freshness. We've even reduced some of our prices and as we now make our own delicious mouthwatering scones every morning ourselves ( well, Ronan does) it means that we have been able to reduce the price of these too.

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